The Trying Twos, Tumultuous Teens, and Everything In Between. 

Helping Your Child with Her Emotional and Behavioral Development

A workshop for adults

August 9th, 2014  ----   10:00 am - Noon

Does your child have difficulty regulating her emotions - swinging from happy to angry in an instant, or staying stuck in sadness or jealousy for longer than is helpful for anyone? Is your child easily frustrated? Does he struggle to transition from one idea to another, like when plans change? Does his behavior cause her additional problems at home or school? Do you want to minimize tantrums, power struggles, and other challenging behaviors? Are the parenting techniques you find successful with one of your children simply not working with another?


We believe that all kids want to do well. Our job as the adults in their lives is to help teach the skills our children need in order to improve their ability to regulate their emotions, increase their frustration tolerance, grow their "thinking brain", and other skills often lagging in children with challenging behaviors. 



This two hour workshop is designed to help parents better understand and guide their children's emotional and behavioral development in non-punitive ways.

This workshop is appropriate for parents of children of all ages (toddler to teen!)

Cost: $35 for one parent, $50 for parenting team. (Sliding scale available.)


Location: Awakenings Wellness Center, 1016 SE 12th Ave, Portland OR 97214

Taught by: Carly Henderson, MA, Professional Counselor & Ben Kates, MA, Public Education Behavior Coach

(971) 270-0658 or

Ben Kates is a behavior coach with the Gresham-Barlow School District. He has been a public educator for fourteen years working in New York City, Gresham, Oregon and rural Alaska. He has degrees in English education and special education and has received extensive training in Collaborative Problem Solving, functional behavior assessments, educational leadership, restorative justice and Oregon Intervention Systems.

Carly Henderson received her MA in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College in 2002. Prior to this she earned a masters degree in Social and Developmental Psychology, with a focus on families, from the University of Cambridge. Before joining Awakenings, Carly worked as a Counselor in Lake Oswego and as a Professional School Counselor both locally and overseas. Carly works with adults and children, and specializes in parenting, childhood emotional and behavioral concerns, issues affecting couples and families, pre- and postpartum concerns, the birth experience, trauma, as well as general mental health concerns. Carly uses an eclectic approach, relying heavily on family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness based practices. Carly is trained in Collaborative Problem Solving.